Who's behind Property Domains?


property domainsWe are Andy & Nova Flitter from Fitterbys Pty Ltd, the company behind Propertydomains.com.au

We are a husband and wife team that have lived on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland for the past 10 years since immigrating from the UK and are both now fully fledged Aussies - even if the accents seem to tell a different story.

We also both trained in traditional industries, I  completed an engineering apprenticeship in the Royal Navy and later served in Submarines and Nova is a qualified Chef who's tutor made the Wedding Cake for Prince Charles and Princess Di's wedding.

In the more recent past we have started a number of businesses, both back in the UK and later here in Australia, both offline and online that were later sold on.

So we understand what it means to be entrepreneurial and the type of person that is willing to shun your average 9-5 job and work for themselves, often on a commission only basis, where your rewards are directly linked to the amount of effort you put in. We consider ourselves to be entrepreneurs and  we applaud others of a like mind.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with people being happy doing the 9-5 for a set wage, in fact every country needs millions of these worker bees to function, but it's not for us and as you're reading this, it's probably not for you either.

We like to have time to go camping as often as we can, particularly on the North Shore opposite Fraser Island and we recently 'lived' in Karratha in WA in our Expanda van for 10 months while I was working up there, not really camping but an eye opener for sure!

I am also a bit of a sports tragic and will watch almost anything whereas Nova is the creative crafty one and spends most of her down time quilting and sewing (and then swapping her productions with others from all over the world via Flickr so we often have a lot of parcels turning up).

Our twin passions workwise are automation systems on the internet, anything that makes life easier for people to make a living from home or office on their computer, and more recently, the psychology of what makes people buy things, anything.

We love the Sunshine Coast area, living and working here, it truly is one of the most beautiful and inspiring corners not only of Australia, but also the world - often when we've been lucky enough to travel abroad we end up comparing wherever we are with home - and I can honestly say, we've never been anywhere yet where we'd rather live.

If only it rained a little bit less.......