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Template 5,  Perth,  WA, 6000 1 1 1     656sq.m 234sq.m
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Template 5
Template 5 has all your Photo's, Features list and Property Description on the front page and is a cutting edge grey. You can use any of the headers provided for Template 5 in the dashboard or add your own header through your My Details page to brand your website as you wish.

You can add as many photo's and features as you want and your description can be any length and all this is done from your own dashboard.

Icons show the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, car parking spaces, swimming pool, block size and accommodation size (if you don't know these, leave blank in the set up and the icons will not show but can be added at any time.

Using the tabs above the address bar, visitors can check out;

Google Maps giving both map and street views of your property.

Walkscore shows where the nearest amenities are to the property, this information is taken from Google and gives you a good overview of restaurants, post offices, libraries, shopping etc. in the local area.

Video and Plans gives you the opportunity to embed a walk through video of your property from You Tube or any other video sharing software. In your users dashboard, you just copy and paste the embedding code that the video site provides you. In the plans section, you can upload an image of your properties plans, just as you do for the photos.

Mortgage Calculator pages that are powered by

Meet the Agent is where you, the agent or vendor, shows all their contact details and includes links to your own website, your Twitter and Facebook profiles so that people can follow you on social media, and email links so people can contact you directly. Note you only have to fill in this information once on your dashboard and this page will automatically populate with these details but you can also change your details at any time or add information that is pertinent to this property only when making your demo.

Using the links box below the Features list, visitors can use;

Email Friends link where vistiors to the property website can simply forward an email link to friends and colleagues.

Request inspection link from where potential buyers can email you, the agent or vendor, directly with a pre-set email that can be revised by the sender.

Sharing buttons for Facebook and Twitter which means any visitors can tweet or share the property details on their profiles, giving backlinks to your website every time this occurs.

Print details link from where visitors can print out the home page of the website.

Below the links box is the Price and Viewing information box. From your dashboard there are a number of options where you can show a sale price, viewing timetable, auction timetable, offers around guide price, contact for information link or mark the property as sold.

At the bottom of the page is the quick contact box for the agent or vendor. This box contains a link the agents home website, their contact phone number and a quick email link and also provides a link the the Meet the Agent page.
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